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Traveling Tips for This Summer

With the North Carolina heat ramping up and the official start of summer here, many people are making plans to travel.  Whether you are going for a day trip to Carolina Beach or a long vacation, it’s important to take care of your back.

Neck pillows make for a more comfortable ride.

Here are some step-by-step tips to help you have a pain-free trip.

Plan ahead

  • If you are renting a vehicle, it’s important to avoid a lot of bouncing from bumps in the road.  Renting a car instead of an SUV or truck can help with this.  
  • When booking a hotel, search the reviews based on the comfort of the beds.  After a long drive, a comfortable bed will be needed.  
  • Lastly, if you don’t already have them, purchase for the drive a neck pillow and a lumbar pillow for your lower back. 

For the days leading up to the trip

It’s time to leave!  

  • Get hot and cold packs for the trip. This can not only help prevent back pain but alleviate any pain should it start.  Bring a small cooler with you for keeping the cold packs chilled.
  • Try to find someone to lift your luggage in and out of your car.  If you must do it yourself, remember to lift with your legs, not your back.
  • Get in a comfortable position in your seat.  Take your time to get this right – it will make a big difference in the long run.

While driving

  • If you are a passenger in the car, make sure your feet are flat on the floor, making a 90-degree angle with your legs, and have your legs bent at the knee, also making a 90-degree angle.  This may mean bringing a footstool. If you are the driver, use the cruise control as much as possible to have your feet both resting on the floor.  
  • Use your neck and lumbar pillows.  Keep ice packs handy, and be proactive with the pain.
  • Make sure you stop and walk around as frequently as possible.  When stopping for a break, do some simple exercises like shoulder and ankle rolls.

Try these tips. When you return from your travels, make an appointment with us at Fonke Chiropractic in Cary. We’ll fit you in quickly if your experiencing any discomfort and get you feeling better again right away.

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