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Exercising for your back



With January here, many people are trying out new exercises and routines to start the year off right.  For some with back pain, it can be a challenge.  Here is a list of some exercise routines that are easy on your back. For us in Cary and the surrounding areas, the weather is hit and miss so I thought I’d share some simple indoor ways to alleviate your back pain and feel energized.  These, combined with visiting us for adjustments should have you feeling good throughout the year.


1. Hip lifts: Lie on the back, knees bent, raise your hip till the body is straight. Hold for three to five seconds, to feel the lower back muscles switched on. Repeat this for 10 times, do two to sets.  Video explanation

2. Abdominal chair crunch: Lie on your back, position feet on the chair and perform crunches. Tense the abdominal muscles at the end for at least two seconds. Repeat 15 times, do three sets. This will help to relieve the back pain.  Video explanation

3. Plank: Lie on your front, elbows bent 90%, toes facing downwards, tighten up your abdominal muscles. Raise your hip off the floor and hold 20-30 seconds repeat five times.  Video explanation

4. Press ups: Lie on your stomach, hands by the side of your head, feet on the ground. Raise shoulders and upper back off the floor, hold for 5 seconds to switch muscles on. Repeat 15 times and perform two sets.  Video explanation 

5. Kneeling extension: On your fours, tighten up your abdominal muscles, raise opposite arm and leg raise and hold for two seconds to allow muscles to engage. Do 15 repetitions each side, do two sets.  Video explanation


When you get done, relax and check out this interesting article on muscles aging and how to slow it with exercise.  Aging muscles

Also, don’t forget to make your next appointment!


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