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Relief for Post-Surgical Continued Back Pain


I wanted to take some time to share a study with you all.

As many of you know, I use a lot of Cox Technique Flexion Distraction in my practice.  This is a technique that allows me to gently decompression the spine while also taking the spine through different ranges of motion, thus improving mobility and decreasing pain.


This study was published in June of 2016 in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine. Three of my colleagues, all of which use Cox Technique, were primarily responsible for this study.  They collected data over a period of six months about how certain patients responded to Cox Technique.  To be in this study, the patients had to have undergone spinal surgery and still be experiencing back pain.


It’s a sad reality, that upwards of 50% of patients undergoing spinal surgery will experience the same level of pain or worse two years’ post-surgery.


There were 67 patients in this study.  The study found that 81% of the patients receiving care reported a greater than 50% improvement in their symptoms.  Considering that every one of the patients would be classified as “complicated low back pain” sufferers, 50% improvement is a GREAT result!


This study shows the effectiveness of Cox Technique Flexion Distraction in helping people get better, even the most complicated back pain sufferers.  There is hope for people who experience post-surgical continued pain.


Yours in health,


Ben Fonke, D.C.

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