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Cox Technic for Cary

How Dr. Fonke Helped His Patient with Chronic Back Pain

Dr. Fonke was recently a featured guest on The Back Doctors Podcast. Listen to his podcast to find out how you can relieve Chronic Back pain using he Cox Technic.

What is the Cox Flexion Distraction?

Cox® Technic is hands-on,  doctor-controlled, and is performed on a Cox Flexion Distraction table by the doctor himself. In the words of Dr. Fonke, “The Cox Technic is a safe, gentle and very effective chiropractic tool.”  There is no twisting, cracking, or popping of the spine with this technique. Click on this link to see the technique performed by its inventor, Dr. James Cox. The Cox® Technic for Spinal Decompression was designed as a solution to pain relief for patients with complicated low back or neck pain. It works with the body’s design to encourage its natural healing process, relieve spinal pain, and return patients to their desired quality of life.  Dr. Fonke is one of only 2 chiropractors in the entire Triangle area with an active certification in Cox Technic!

Examples of conditions the Cox® Technic was designed for include the following:

  • Disc herniation
  • Pre- or post-surgery patients
  • Pinched nerves
  • Sciatica
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Headaches
  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Spine Stiffness
  • Subluxation

We combine additional adjustment techniques into our Cox Technique protocol.

Supplementing traditional chiropractic adjustments (either hands-on or with an instrument) with a Cox Technique protocol allows Dr. Fonke to deliver a unique adjusting experience for his patients that is high on both comfort and effectiveness.  Dr. Fonke routinely hears patients say that Cox Flexion Distraction is the most comfortable chiropractic adjustment they have ever experienced.


Top 5 differences between Cox Technique hands-on spinal decompression and computerized auto decompression machines (VAX-D and/or DRX9000 are examples).

  1.  Cox Technic decompression is covered by insurance and computerized auto decompression machines are not.  Computerized auto decompression machines will cost the patient upwards of $100-200 per treatment.  Even if someone has no insurance and needs to pay cash for a Cox treatment in my practice, the cost is $55.
  2. The National Institute of Health has funded studies on Cox Technic backing its efficacy.  No such studies have been done with computerized auto decompression machines.
  3. Cox Technic allows for multiple ranges of motion while the spine is under decompression.  This includes lateral bending and circumduction while under decompression, both of which facilitate a healthy range of motion in the spine that is hard to reproduce anywhere else.
  4. Cox Technic allows for specific level application to target a problem disc.  Computerized auto decompression tables treat the entire cervical and or lumbar spine at once.  Not as specific.
  5. Cox Technic is hands-on and doctor controlled.  Computerized auto decompression machines are just that, computerized and not hands on.  It is likely that the doctor is only in the room with you for the beginning of the treatment.


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