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Why Elite Athletes Utilize Chiropractic Care?

Jordan Speith, Zack Johnson, Tiger Woods, Arnold Swarzanegger, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Peyton Manning, Usan Bolt, Anquan Boldin, Andy Murray, and Blake Griffin.

What do these athletes have in common?

The all receive regular chiropractic care.

They do not all have chronic bad backs.  Some are in their early 20’s.  The reason they utilize chiropractic care on a regular basis is for more than just pain relief, they use it for improved athletic performance.


2015 Masters Champ Jordan Speith w/ his Chiro.

World Record Holder 100m, Usain Bolt getting adjusted.

World Record Holder 100m, Usain Bolt getting adjusted.

Let me explain.

Blake Griffin getting adjusted before a NBA game!

Blake Griffin getting adjusted before a NBA game!

Athletes know that proper spinal alignment and optimal nerve flow are essential for human performance.  Whether it be throwing a touchdown pass, running 100 meters, hitting a birdie at the Master’s, whatever it may be, performance is enhanced by chiropractic care.

All 32 NFL teams have team chiropractors.  27/30 MLB teams have team chiropractors.  There is a “chiropractic tent” at every major golf tournament.  Chiropractors are at every Olympic Games as well to provide excellent care to athletes all over the world.  Chiropractic is common place in sports.

Now for the rest of us, non-elite-level-athlete people….  Just as chiropractic care helps improve the performance of these athletes, it can help improve our everyday performance as well.  It may be activities such as a church softball league, playing catch with your kids, going to the beach with your grandkids and picking them up.  Let’s face it, we would ALL benefit from improved human performance.   Chiropractic is here for the elite level athlete, mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and even the kids.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Ben Fonke, DC

Cary Chiropractor

Fonke Chiropractic and Decompression Center

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