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How to Spot and Prevent Tech Neck

Tech neck imageIf you are experiencing neck pain, it is possible tech devices could be a cause.  When the head is in a forward position, common for pcs and phones/tablets, the spine takes on more of the weight.  If your head is tilted forward an inch or two, the head can double the load on the spine. Also, the muscles in the neck and upper back constantly are working to counterbalance the strain of the forward head, attempting to pull it back.  This causes painful strains that cause limited mobility. Here are some helpful tips to prevent tech neck

  • Raise device so it is at eye level and make sure you have correct posture.  Standing and ergonomic desks are two great options for your screen.  For your cell phone, if you can just hold it up higher, or if you can’t try to just look down with your eyes but keep your head straight.
  • Get a good ergonomic chair.  Make sure the height, seat depths, and armrests are all adjustable.  Also, check that the chair can incline and decline with a locking function.
  • Try to space out your tech time so you are not sitting in one spot for a really long time.
  • Add an app on your mobile or a browser extension on your PC to remind you to take frequent breaks. A great extension that has multiple customizable reminders, including drinking water and correcting your posture, is called “Healthy Browsing.” You can find others in the app/extension store by searching for “reminder to move.”
  • Stretch on breaks and move around.  Here are some exercises you can do to prevent neck pain before it even begins.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day.  Keep a healthy lifestyle and exercise routinely.

Warning signs that you may have tech neck include stiffness in your neck, headaches, pain between the shoulder blades, and numbness in your arms or fingers.  If you have these, come see us at Fonke Chiropractic here in Cary to see if we can help.


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