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Older people are happier than you. Why?

I wanted to take this time to write down my thoughts on a recent article I read on entitled, “Older people are happier than you. Why?

In a nutshell it states that as we get older we tend to be happier, and this is due to an increased ability to trust others and focus on the good in others. I think this is a very interesting article, especially for my generation, millennials.

couple in grassTwo Thoughts…

I have two thoughts as to why older people are happier and are more likely to trust in people and focus on the good in people.

My first thought is with age comes wisdom. Maybe it’s a “been there done that”, “nothing is as bad as it seems”, or “I’ve survived worse”…. This is confidence that come with experience, wisdom, and age. We don’t have complete control over this, however we could learn from our elders if we are willing to listen to them.

Second, older people are likely less “plugged in” that younger people. Now this is something we actually have control over. My generation and most people between the age of 20-50 are basically addicted to technology, primarily the internet, cell phones, and television. Whereas older people are less likely to engage in countless hours of social media and reality TV.

As it has always been, we can learn from our elders. We would all benefit from an increased trust in humanity while focusing on what is good, instead of fixating on the negative things in life.


My challenge to myself and those reading this post. Begin to unplug! Put down your phone and turn off your TV and instead pick up a book and have a conversation with an elder. Ask them about their life experiences, and work to focus on the good in life, because there is plenty of it.

-Dr. Ben Fonke

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