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COX vs Traction Table


Cox Technic

Perhaps a friend has mentioned – or your doctor suggested – “decompression therapy.” When considering this, it is important to understand that there are two very different approaches to decompression. There are computerized unattended decompression machines, and there is the Cox Technic of Spinal Decompression. Insurance companies will not cover computerized unattended decompression machines, yet they do cover Cox Technic. Here are some reasons why:  

  • Cox Technic is hands-on. The doctor is with you the entire time. Computerized unattended decompression machines are computer-programmed and left to run without a doctor present.
  • Cox Technic focuses on a specific area of the spine, the exact vertebral segment needing decompression, whereas traction and decompression tables treat the Lumbar or cervical spinal as a whole

    Unattended decompression table


  • With Cox Technic, application of force is specific to the patient’s need at that moment; unattended tables are set to one setting and won’t change during treatment.
  • Research has shown that Cox Technic adjustments increase the disc space height, resulting in a drop in intradiscal pressure to negative pressure, creating suction, which increases nerve openings up to 28%. This reduces the pressure on the spinal discs and nerves and allows healing to occur.  
  • The National Institute of Health has funded their own studies on the Cox Technic, affirming its effectiveness.  

  Here is a short clip of Dr. Ben explaining the Cox Technic.  If you are interested in learning more about the Cox Technic, call us at 919-234-1809 or come in to see us at 1130 Kildaire Farm Rd in Cary, NC 27511.

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