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Cary chiropractor explains Cox Flexion Distraction

There is a saying that if you get three chiropractors in a room you’ll have three opinions and five techniques. While I do believe that all chiropractic techniques work and can help people tremendously, I also believe that it is important for chiropractors to provide their patients with treatment methods that can be just a gentle as they can be effective.

I have been around chiropractic nearly my entire life. I am a second generation chiropractor and come from a family of eight chiropractors. I have seen and experienced nearly every possible way to adjust the spine. I have had hard adjustments, soft adjustments, instrument adjustments, drop table, upper cervical adjustments, and everything in between.

In the beginning I used many different techniques.

When I first started practicing chiropractic I was a jack of all trades and a master of none when it came to technique. I used all of the above methods. I helped a lot of people but then something happened that caused me to question my methods. Within the same month I had two patients start under care, both of whom were suffering from herniated discs. These patients were in tremendous pain and were desperate for help. I really thought I could help them, and tried everything I knew in this effort. After two months neither was better and both ended up having surgery. Looking them in the eyes and telling them there was no more I could do was the hardest thing I have ever experience as a chiropractor.

It was at this time I decided to become certified in Cox Technique. This was a technique I learned briefly in school and I knew as far as spinal disc issues go, it is the chiropractic technique of choice. I began to study this method and went to many continuing education seminars to further my understanding a skills in this technique. Within a year I was a certified Cox doctor.

Application of Cox Technique.

Application of Cox Technique.

Cox Technique is hands on, gentle, and effective!

I began using this technique in practice and got such great results that with it that within a year I was using this method on every one of my patients. And they love it! Cox technique, in my opinion, is the perfect blend of hands on, gentle, and effective. It does not matter if you are suffering with a simple back ache, headaches, or things as severe as spinal stenosis or failed back surgery syndrome, Cox technique can be applied effectively and comfortably to your spine.

When I explain Cox Flexion Distraction to people I try to keep it as simple as possible. Think of a spinal disc as a jelly donut. Whether it happens over a long time (degenerative disc disease) or with a sudden injury (disc bulge/herniation) the outer layer of the disc can become compromised and the inner jelly like substance can begin to bulge or leak out. This can result in poor posture, decreased height, pinched nerves, arm/leg pain, back/neck and a host of other issues.
Cox Flexion Distraction technique creates a vacuum like effect inside the disc by decreasing the pressure in the disc and allowing the body to absorb the fluid back into the disc and plump it back up. Research has shown that Cox Technique decreases disc pressure and increased the openings for the nerves. Click on this link to see the technique performed by its inventor.

I am one of only two actively certified Cox doctors in entire triangle.

In conclusion, Chiropractic works and has worked for over 100 years! Results are what keep us going as a profession. I do believe that some people will never give chiropractic a try for fear of a “popping” or “cracking” type of adjustment. I believe it is important for people to know that there are effective, gentle, hands on, and non- “popping/cracking” chiropractic methods available to patients. And I believe that Cox technique is at the top of that list. Come see for yourself!

Yours in Health,
Benjamin D. Fonke, DC

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